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Company: O&J Energy A/S
Address: Ørnevej 1
Zipcode & Town.: DK-6705 Esbjerg Ø
Country: Denmark
Dayphone: +45 75 12 07 44
Nightphone: +45 75 12 07 44
Employees: 35
Contacts : Lars V. Christiansen
Lars Bakken Jepsen
Description: Mobile phone: +45 28 1467 56

Electromechanical, Electric & Electronic service onshore, offshore and on all kind of maritime installations.
ATEX installation, sales and ATEX equipment.

Workshop facilities with up-to-date technically equipment including static and dynamic balancing machine. Laser alignment, SPM measurement,Rewinding of generators / electromotors up to 5MW

  • Crane capacity up to 20 T
  • Certified ATEX Repairshop
  • Pump repair and testing facilitys
  • Marine elektronic equipment, navigation- and commications equipment
  • Marine electrically installations
  • Project management
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