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Company: DESITEK A/S
Address: Sunekær 8
Zipcode & Town.: DK- 5471 Søndersø
Country: Denmark
Dayphone: +45 63 89 32 10
Employees: 20
Contacts : Peter Mathiasen
Description: DESITEK A/S specialises in safety for electrical systems and installations.

Consulting engineering:
  • Lightning protection and equipotential bonding

    Electrical/electronic equipment:
  • LV and MV surge arresters
  • Cable joints and terminations systems
  • Power supply - inverters, converters, UPS-systems and battery

    Foundations for offshore wind:
  • Materials for foundation earthing/equipotential bonding/HV cable

    Safety eq & services:
  • Arc fault protection and personal protective equipment
  • Electrical safety equipment - also for Ex-areas
  • Tools for work according to the 5 safety rules and live working
    (EN 50110)
  • Maintenance test of voltage detectors and EaS-devices
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