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Company: Fredericia Maskinmesterskole
Address: Købmagergade 86
Zipcode & Town.: DK-7000 Fredericia
Country: Denmark
Dayphone: +45 75 92 28 33
Contacts : Ole Månsson +45 26 39 14 02
Description: Knowledge center on operation and maintenance (KCMO)

KCMO was established in January 2006. The vision was to establish a knowledge center focusing on knowledge sharing within the areas of operation, maintenance, energy and environment.
KCMO was established at Fredericia College of Marine and Technical Engineering.

KCOM offers a wide range of essential courses and educational programs. Our primary task is to train engineers and technicians. KCMO will help you develop your maintenance program into a core activity in your company.

KCOM offers three diploma programs targeted at managers that need management tools in every day operation. Moreover KCOM provides numerous courses for energy optimization staff and for maintenance technicians.

We are known for tailor-making programs to satisfy certain training needs within different companies. If your company needs training in a specific field, we might be the right organization to contact.

For more information on present course programs, please contact course administrator Heidi Sørensen; phone +45 7620 6546 or

For information on customer tailor-made training programs, please contact Instructor Ole Månsson;

Information in general on KCOM can be found (in Danish) at
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