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Company: Dansk IngeniørService A/S
Address: Ørstedsvej 10
Zipcode & Town.: 8660 Skanderborg
Country: Denmark
Dayphone: +45 87 38 74 50
Employees: 500
Contacts : Morten Basse
Description: Dansk IngeniørService A/S (DIS) is a R&D company providing consultancy and engineering
services as well as turn-key solutions to some of the biggest and most recognized companies in the industry.

We continously work with development and innovation in many different industries and therefore have extensive knowledge of various sectors, diciplines and methodologies. We meet challenges by integrating and transferring our experience between industries. In this way, we discover new
competitive advantages and create unique solutions.

As an engineer and as our customer you feel our passion for technology. This is the reason for
our growth and what has made DIS/CREADIS the leading engineering company it is today. We are represented in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Spain and USA, have a total of 17 departments worldwide and employ more than 500 dedicated engineers.
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