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By Sune Falther




                            GROUP BUSY

          A unique and innovative solution for cleaning safety
          valves has given Ocean Team Group an all-access pass
          to the North Sea Oil Majors

          Right now, a wide range of offshore industry operators   Over time, the hydraulic oil in the lines often gets dirty
          are looking to Ocean Team Group in Esbjerg for a new   and pipes get blocked, making the valves inaccessible.
          and innovative solution to the problem with blocked   With no safety valves, the oil cannot be produced safely,
          safety valves.                                       and production is halted until a new pipe or control line
                                                               can be set up.
          Last year, Ocean Team Group was awarded the prestig-
          ious ICoTA”s innovation award for a unique concept of   Ocean Team Group injects supercritical CO2 to clean the
          applying supercritical CO2 to blocked pipes, in the safety   pipe on-site. By injecting CO2 into the pipe and turning
          valves, and effectively unblocking the pipes with bub-  on the pressure, dirt is driven out of the pipe. And it
          bles. The solution is very much in demand.           works very well:
          “We have made quite a splash with this one”, Ocean   “We can clean the pipes and even dissolve plugs in the
          Team Group founder and CEO Jens Peder Thomsen says:  tube”, Jens Peder Thomsen says:

          “The operators liked the initial concept. They very much   “We call it the soda effect: It is reminiscent of shaking a
          liked the proof of concept and they liked it even better   soda and then opening it: the released pressure drives
          after the award. Currently, we are involved in 18 projects   everything out of the pipe, saving time and keeping
          in the UK, the Netherlands and Norway, and we are busy   production flowing,” he says.
          trying to keep up,” he says.
                                                               HUGE POTENTIAL
          Clogged and blocked safety valve lines are a problem   It is a solution that gives the operators an extra chance.
          outside the North Sea as well. Ocean Team Group al-  Once the safety valve is blocked, operations have to stop.
          ready has a team operating in Australia, as they have the
          same issues.                                         “We are the last chance before drilling a new well. We
                                                               can”t open them all, but we can open quite a few, and
          “SODA” IN THE TUBE                                   most operators are interested in giving us a shot before
          Ocean Team Group has developed an innovative method   abandoning the well,” Jens Peder Thomsen says.
          for cleaning the narrow, kilometre-long hydraulic control
          lines used to activate the safety valves in offshore pro-  The list of clients is already long, and conservative esti-
          duction.                                             mates say Ocean Team Group”s solution has the poten-

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