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tial to unblock the more than 600 safety valves currently   of those blocked control lines, and that adds up to
          jammed shut in the UK sector alone.                  200–250 wells. With our current set-up, that is 25 years
                                                               of work! So we are looking into increasing the poten-
          “The potential for our concept is encouraging. We    tial with additional equipment and manpower”, Jens
          could be making a difference to maybe 35–40 percent   Peder Thomsen says. n

           New innovative hydraulic control line cleaning technology has rewarded Ocean Team Group with access to Shell, BP and other major oil industry players
           – and has won the Esbjerg-based company the ICoTA Innovation Award: an award recognising new technological breakthroughs and innovation in the
           offshore field.
           Founder Jens Peder Thomsen (left) accepted the award with Chief Technology Officer Espen Kähler Amundsen.

                                     7 / AWARD-WINNING INNOVATION KEEPS OCEAN TEAM GROUP BUSY
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