The Danish offshore capital of Esbjerg is the energy metropol from where the majority of work in Danish offshore takes place, whether in oil & gas or wind power – and it is more than easy to get to the town.

The majority of the traffic to the Danish sector of the North Sea departs from Esbjerg Airport, where helicopter companies like Bel Air and DanCopter take personnel to and from the offshore installations. However, there is also direct connection to other significant destinations on the offshore map, as British Midland Regional has a direct route to Aberdeen, while DAT is flying to Stavanger via Billund. Thereby three of the main offshore town around the North Sea are knotted together via Esbjerg, while Billund Airport, situated only some 30 miles from Esbjerg, can take travelers to most of the major cities in Europe.

Connection to the hubs

Within a few span of years a large number of new flight connections have been introduced, and offshore crews can benefit from British Airways flying direct to London Heathrow from where it is easy to go on to Houston, Texas, and most of the North American cities – and of course all the other routes branching out all over most of the world.

Another route which is popular among offshore personnel is KLM's direct flight from Billund Airport to Amsterdam. In less than an hour Danish offshore personnel has access to destinations in most of the world, and thereby the Danish energy metropol can offer a flexible access to and from the outside world.

The same goes for a number of other airlines all having flights from their respective hubs direct to Billund. Lufthansa arrives from Frankfurt, while, of course, Air France is handling flights to and from Paris, and Finnair is offering flights to the Far East via Helsinki. Furthermore, Turkish Airlines is offering flights from Billund to Istanbul and from there to a number of cities around the world. And airlines like airBaltic, Czech Airlines, Wizz Air and Brussels Airlines all calling at Billund contribute to a spider's web of routes to everywhere.

From Billund there is direct connection by British Airways/SUN-AIR to Humberside in the United Kingdom. Here Siemens recently established a new factory, and from here there is connections to a number of cities and offshore centers where new business opportunities may lying in wait – all possible to reach via Esbjerg Airport.

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