Sharing of know-how between various sectors and disciplines is part of the agenda of, staking on a stronger cooperation between Danish companies being the way ahead.

As knowledge and innovation is the very base of existence for it is no wonder that Director Oil & Gas Johannes Kromann Bie will prefer to nourish and promote just the companies in the Danish offshore industry which stick out by having quite unique qualities.

“We would like to contribute to a larger part of the companies of the branch being unique, for that is what we can sell abroad. We have to be unique, efficient and innovative to be successful and here we can offer to the companies to help themselves. It is a question of sharing our know-how in an open and honest atmosphere as Danish companies are too small to manage on their own in the tough international market. To use an expression from another branch: we shall compete to get a slice of the small layer cake at home, while we make money on the big one abroad. And it is one of our scopes to support that attitude,” tells Johannes Kromann Bie, who would like to go on merging oil & gas closer to the wind energy industry in the two sectors’ hunt for synergies.

“In fact it is indifferent whether we are to service a wind turbine or a production platform, it is just a small example of areas where we may find synergy. Major parts of the infrastructure in the North Sea are more than 40 years old, so each year we spend 8.4 billion DKK on operation and maintenance. That might be an excellent area for saving money. Even if optimizing operation is not very sexy it is an area where both industries have mutual interests. Wind energy has already started up as they have to reduce their costs by 40% before 2020,” states Mr. Bie, who is the man behind a catalogue of possible projects where the Danish offshore industry may share know-how with other sectors.

“I would say that it is not the only place where we can challenge the industry to act in a cheaper way, and I believe much is to be gained by standardizing some solutions and processes. If we can make processes more simple, and still meet the same standard requirements for quality, we shall go far, and I am not saying this just in order to provoke more thinking. Things change all the time, and it is no good to be scared of thinking in new ways.”

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